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  • Your solid fuel appliance should ONLY be installed by a qualified, certified technician. Anything less is putting your home and your family in danger! 

    Heating Marlborough operates under the NZHHA Technician Certification Scheme. The scheme has undergone a complete overhaul during the last few years. With the changes to the building code and an intense drive from the whole building industry toward up-skilling from top to bottom, we have been facing more and more pressure to follow suit.

    It is no longer possible to become a NZHHA Certified Solid Fuel Appliance Installation Technician (SFAIT) by simply joining the Association and attending an elementary training course.

    The installation of home heating appliances is a SPECIALISED field and EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE and PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE is required in order to attain the necessary expertise. Territorial Authorities are becoming more demanding when issuing permits, accepting Producer Statements with their inspections. 

    Our Qualified and Certified Technicians are

    • Peter Cairns
    • Steve Leask
  • The Installation Process

    The process begins right from quote time as we check the positioning of the fire to ensure that the unit can go where you want it. If this is not possible we'll advise you on the best course of action.

    Once the building consent from the Council has been obtained and a schedule date is sorted we then commence with the installation. All manufacturers’ specifications are adhered to during the install. Then the local Building Inspector comes in to check the work and signs it off as complete.

    At Heating Marlborough we pride ourselves on doing things properly by following the installation guidelines of NZHHA. You can trust us with the installation of your fire.

    Visit the Testimonials page and see what others have to say about the quality of our work. Then call us or come in to our showroom in Blenheim to discuss your next fire.