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  • The heating options for the outdoor living areas of your home are not as varied as those for the indoors. At Heating Marlborough, our outdoor home heating solutions are predominantly outdoor fireplaces.


    To narrow down the choices, here are some things to consider when purchasing your outdoor fireplace...

    • Preferred Fuel Type: 
      WOOD - open wood fires have the authentic flame which creates ambience. The flame can be high or low depending on how much wood is put on. The wood smoke smell evokes a real outdoor experience and can be very romantic.
      • GAS - open gas fires have modern sleek lines and can be made beach-like with the choice of fuel bed you decide on. The gas fires operate by remote control and can be set to your preference. No mess to clean.


    • Intended Placement: [may be affected by your preferred fuel type]
      • Attached to exterior of house
      • Independent, standalone structure


    • Desired Style:
      • Built-In
      • Freestanding


    • Appropriate Size: [proportional to space and intended purpose]
      • Main attraction - choose a larger size
      • Accentuate natural surroundings - choose something smaller


    • Possible Materials: [may be dependent on current house style and landscape design]
      • Brick
      • Concrete
      • Fire-Resistant Glass
      • Marble
      • Slate
      • Stone
      • Stucco



    Understanding your goals will help us determine the outdoor fireplace best suited for your home. Then we'll help you choose from the best brands in the industry.

  • Top Recommendations for Outdoor Wood Fires

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  • Top Recommendations for Outdoor Gas Fires

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