Collection: PIT BARREL

Cooking in a barrel is nothing new – in fact barrels have been used for years with HUGE success.  But – it has never been made for the mass market in a form that is quality built, affordable and simple to use, and specifically (and scientifically) designed to produce perfectly cooked meals time after time – all in a way that allows you to set and forget!

We believe that people who enjoying outdoor cooking will want a Pit Barrel BBQ because everyone who tries one is amazed by the flavour it produces – you will never go back to your gas grill again.

There is a reason the Pit Barrel gets rave reviews (not just from our customers – but independent experts), and has become the #1 selling Barrel cooker in the US market. It simply cooks some of the best food you’ve ever tasted, with no hassle.

From the moment you make your purchase, the Pit Barrel® BBQ exhibits its high-quality construction with durable steel and porcelain enamel coating and includes enough accessories to cook an enormous variety (and quantity!) of food.