A building consent or permit is required for all installations of log fires, solid fuel heaters and pellet fires as these are covered by the New Zealand Building Code.

For safety and environmental reasons, each council has restrictions on the type of appliance for which it will issue a consent or permit. There are specific requirements that must be met for a building consent to be given. For more details please refer to each Councils web link under "Council Permits".

At Heating Marlborough, we have years of experience working with the councils to secure building consents on behalf of our clients. Please note however, that we will only complete a permit on your behalf if we are completing the fire installation. 

Fires cannot be installed without a Consent or Permit having been granted. A BC (Building Consent) number will be issued from the council once this has been granted. 

Each council has a standard processing time frame with the Marlborough District Council having a standard 20 working day turn around for all submitted permits. Permits are submitted generally within 2 working days of you accepting your quote. At the time of submission we are required to supply a current Rates Notice or Record of Title showing ownership of the property along with a current and up to date floor plan. The floor plan must show all exit points and where the current smoke alarms are located. 

Please note: While we are able to provide a quote, we are unable to install a fire if the quoted name is not the same as shown on the ownership of the property documents. Should this differ, we require written permission from the owner of the property to proceed with a permit and fire installation.