Marlborough District Council Clean Heat Scheme


The Marlborough District Council is offering an energy efficiency funding service to ratepayers for an approved home clean heating installation.

For this service Council will provide funding for the cost of an approved home clean heating solution which will be recovered over nine years through a targeted homeowner property rate. ( The rates recovery amount will also include interest, an administration charge and GST on all costs ).


 Firstly, you will need to come and see us to arrange a heating estimate for your property. Once you have received this quote from us you will be able to apply to the Marlborough District Council.

There are two ways you can apply - we can give you a paperbased application or you can complete the PDF form via their website that can be completed electronically. You will need to supply a copy of your quote from us at Heating Marlborough. Once completed this can either be returned to us to be submitted to the council, or you are more than welcome to submit this yourself directly.


Once this is submitted to the Council, your application is assessed and the Marlborough District Council will contact you directly to inform you of the outcome. If accepted, an engagement form is sent to us here at Heating Marlborough, which is signed and returned. Once this form has been returned to the Council, we will begin the next step of the fire installation process which is to apply for your permit. 

Please note that the timeframe for your application is dependent on the Council and any queries regarding your application should be directed to them in the first instance. 


Once you fire installation has been completed, we are required by the Marlborough District Council to obtain a signed "Confirmation of Completion of Installation of Services" document. This is just to let the council know that your fire has now been installed and all work has been completed. We will be in contact with you once your fire has been installed to complete this and we will then send this on to the council.