Collection: SABER

There are two kinds of people that love SABER® grills. People who love to grill and are ambitious in what they grill, and people who love grilled food, but aren’t necessarily confident on the grill. This grill is perfect for both.

SABER offers something no one else can — great food, every time. Whether someone is attempting a tricky new recipe or grilling the basics, SABER’s high-performance cooking system helps them up their grilling game.

  • Pure cooking performance. SABER® grills offer amazing results, every time.
  • Purposeful design. SABER’s proprietary cooking system uses radiant heat to lock in meat juices with no flare-ups.
  • Easy assembly. Grills assemble in under an hour. A single bolt size eliminates confusion.
  • SABER is a premium grill that offers the highest performance at a premium value.

Purpose: To help people who love to grill, make amazing food.