The BBQ Hub Story

The BBQ Hub was officially started in 2022 when Heating Marlborough moved premises and opened as Heating Marlborough and the BBQ Hub. However this was in the pipeline for quite some time as Brad and Helen had over the previous 3 years had sold a range of high quality Gas BBQ's, but began to bring a whole new range of Charcoal and Pellet BBQs to Marlborough.

We started by following NZ Pit masters on Instagram, and absolutely loved the look of their smoked meats! We talked to others on NZ BBQ Alliance Facebook page to get ideas for a good range of BBQs and Rubs/Charcoal to stock. This really ignited a passion that has continued to grow! We have loved the community that has been created through this shared interest of charcoal BBQing and meat smoking.

We love hearing about our customers cooks, seeing our regulars, and helping customers find the right style of BBQ for their interest. The BBQ Hub is ever evolving and growing, and we aim to be the one stop shop for “All things BBQ”!

We look forward to many more stories of good cooks, new customers getting into it for the first time, visitors from out of town, as well as our BBQ Workshops, and the freezer full of great cuts of meat, and smash burgers!

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