Fire Installation - Our Process

Congratulations on selecting your new fire!

We have a streamlined process that we follow, now that you have selected your fire..


Once you have received your quote from us and you are happy with this, we require you to accept this quote. Your quote can either be accepted by clicking the link within the email and hitting accept, or by emailing us. Once accepted, depending on your chosen payment method we require a 20% prepayment for your fire.

Payment can be made either instore by eftpos or online - we discourage you to pay for your fire by credit card instore as we on charge the credit card surcharge given to us by the banks of 2.5%.


Once your quote has been accepted and your prepayment has been received, the permiting process begins.

We are required by the council to provide a copy of your Rates Notice or Record of Title along with an up-to-date floor plan. Your floor plan must be marked with the Smoke Alarms in the correct locations along with all the exits.

Your permit is applied for within 48 hours of your accepted quote and we are required to allow the council 20 working days to process this application.