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Blaze King ULEB Chinook 20 Freestanding Wood Fire

Blaze King ULEB Chinook 20 Freestanding Wood Fire

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Ultra Low Emission Burning status permits the Chinook to be installed into any home.

Blaze King pioneered & began manufacturing award winning catalytic wood fires in Canada 30 years ago, reputed to be one of the most efficient log fires in the world.

Traditional styling, superior quality & construction.

Built-in thermostat automatically adjusts optimum air for combustion & controls heat output.

Unique catalytic combustor filters & incinerates smoke which enables the fire to burn very slowly & economically at a relatively low temperatures.

Will consume approximately 33% less wood than a conventional log fire, a load of good quality wood will burn for 10 -15 hours.


  • Overnight burn
  • Built in thermostat – no electricity required
  • Traditional wood fire design
  • Extra large firebox, with large viewing window and cast iron door
  • Ash only floor protector required
  • Easy clean ash pan option available


 • Size matters a firebox big enough to hold enough wood for your busy lifestyle and allow you to get a full night’s sleep without having to re-load.

• Clean burning amongst the cleanest and most efficient wood fires available. Reducing emissions and lessening your impact on the environment.

• Stood the test of time catalytic combustion technology certified over 30 years ago in North America. A refined version of this technology is what you see in every Blaze King today.

• Thermostat control no electricity required. The built in thermostat constantly monitors the heat output of your fire and adjusts the air required for combustion.

• Easy to operate light the fire in the autumn and turn it off in the spring. It is like a slow cooker. No need to continuously feed the fire, you just load it and leave it.

• Lower heating costs the efficiency of the exclusive thermostat and catalytic combustor technology allows you to burn up to 33% less wood.

• Less cleaning produces very fine ash because every last drop of energy is extracted from the wood, allowing you to go for long periods without having to empty your fire.

• Door design a steel frame around the door opening adds strength to the firebox and creates a tight seal


CHINOOK20 - Chinook 20 Shielded Wood Fire

CHINOOK20SAH - Chinook 20 Shielded Wood Fire with Ash Pan

CK20ASHPAN - Chinook Freestanding Ash Pan Only 



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