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Brosnahans Superfine Chips 2kg

Brosnahans Superfine Chips 2kg

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Superfine Chips are used in speciality hot or cold smokers, which is a relatively fast smoke. This works very well in Maze smokers.

Available in 2kg Bags.


  • Manuka
  • Pohutukawa 
  • Beech
  • Rewa Rewa
  • Tawa
  • Wine Oak
  • Hickory
  • Apple
  • Maple


BRMNSF-2 - Brosnahans Manuka Superfine 2kg

BRPKSF-2 - Brosnahans Pohutukawa Superfine 2kg

BRBHSF-2 - Brosnahans Beech Superfine 2kg

BRRRSF-2 - Brosnahans Rewarewa Superfine 2kg

BRTWSF-2 - Brosnahans Tawa Superfine 2kg

BRWOSF-2 - Brosnahans Wine Oak Superfine 2kg

BRHKSF-2 - Brosnahans Hickory Superfine 2kg

BRAPSF-2 - Brosnahans Apple Superfine 2kg

BRMASF-2 - Brosnahans Maple Superfine 2kg

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