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Campfire Cast Iron Potjie

Campfire Cast Iron Potjie

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Cooking with a Potjie Pot

The potjie pot is great for cooking a variety of foods including meat dishes or larger pieces of meat, vegetables and rice. The rounded shape helps to collect liquid in the bottom of the pot, requiring only a small amount of liquids to be added. The potjie pot can be used by placing the pot over hot coals, either on an open fire or on top of a grill.

  • Place coals under and around the pot. The heat can be regulated through moving coals closer or further away from the pot.
  • If a loud bubbling sound can be heard from two metres away the heat is too high.
  • If you can hear a soft simmer the temperature is right. Keep a fire going close by for new hot coals to be added as required.
  • Avoid placing the potjie pot over flames as this may weaken the cast iron and can lead to cracking.
  • Avoid adding cold liquids into a warm potjie pot.
  • When adding liquids pre-heat to boiling temperature or add very small amounts at a time.
  • Always wash a warm potjie pot with hot water or let it cool completely before washing it.


  • Pre-seasoned and ready to use
  • Built-in cast iron legs to position in the fire coals
  • Heavy duty base and walls provide even heat distribution
  • Comfortable steel spiral carry handle
  • Wooden storage box with rope carry handles


  • Dimensions: Ø270 x 330H (mm)
  • Weight: 10.2kg


Product pre-seasoned with vegetable oil which may contain traces of nuts



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