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Escea DS1650 Frameless High Output Gas Fire

Escea DS1650 Frameless High Output Gas Fire

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The DS Series has a small footprint and a big impact - the fire is frameless, drawing your eye straight to the flames. With a large window, the single sided DS Series gives you a clear view of the generous fuel bed.

The choice of fascia and fuelbed options allow you to customise your fireplace to suit your home. And with a low height and Escea’s Flexible Flue and Powered Vent technology, you have the freedom to put the fireplace anywhere. No walls required and no compromise on your design. 

Truly Frameless

The DS Series has taken away everything you don’t need for a minimalist look that focuses on the flame. These fires are truly frameless – where the wall ends the glass begins.


  • Max Energy Input - 44 MJ/hr
  • Gas Type - Natural Gas or LPG
  • Approx. Appliance Size [mm] - 1987w x 788h x 350d
  • Viewable Glass Size [mm] - 1653w x 411h
  • Fuel Bed Options - Logs, Woodland Selection, NZ River Rock, Black Coals, White Coals, Black Crystalight, White Crystalight,
  • Star Rating - 5 Stars (Will vary slightly depending on gas and flue type)


  • Truly Frameless
  • Smart Heat
  • Powered Direct Vent Heat
  • Single or Double Sided Option
  • Zero Clearance
  • Reflective Side Panel
  • Wire Mesh Screen option
  • Ultra-wide


  • Firebox Warranty 5 Years
  • Total Warranty 2 Years

Price includes: Standard Fuel Bed

*Extras: Flue, Install, Fascia


908057 - Escea DS1650 LPG Single Sided Fireplace
908069 - Escea DS1650 LPG Double Sided Fireplace
908215 - Escea DS1650 Woodland Selection
908216 - Escea DS1650 Logs
908217 - Escea DS1650 Black Coals (Large)
908218 - Escea DS1650 White Coals (Large)
908219 - Escea DS1650 New Zealand River Rock (Large)
908221 - Escea DS1650 White Crystalight
908220 - Escea DS1650 Black Crystalight
908260 - Escea DS1650 Linear Trim Kit
-An optional minimal black trim surround to assist with gib wall installs where no fascia is required. Refer to install guide for further details.
808054 - Escea DS1650 Cabinetry Extended Trim Kit
-Enables cladding around the fire with a greater number of finishes. This my eliminate the need for edging as the Extended Trim Kit with finish flush with most claddings up to 20mm thick.
908258 - Escea DS1650 Volcanic Black Bevelled Lite Fascia
908259 - Escea DS1650 Titanium Silver Bevelled lite Fascia
908017 - Escea DS1650 Heat Flow Adjuster Kit
- Optional accessory for double sided DS1650 fireplaces only to adjust the heatflow between each side of the fireplace. Only 1 kit to be used per fireplace.
908265 - Escea DS1650 Superfine Mesh Screen Kit
908276 - Escea Skarrol Board Kit for Hutch Installation
- Heat protection board for the top and sides of hutch style low wall install. 2x Skamol boards at 1220 x 500 x 25mm.
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