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Heating Marlborough and The BBQ Hub

Esse 700 SE Rural

Esse 700 SE Rural

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A stunning windscreen view of the slow flickering flames can be seen through ESSE’s 700 signature arch window and is ideally suited to bigger fireplaces or for installation as a freestanding focal point.

The 700 has the same British quality as all of ESSE’s stoves, 100% English handmade, your 700 is perfect for heating up to 110m2. With a cast iron top you can pop a kettle on top of your ESSE 700 or let your pot roast simmer away all day. Two air controls allow you to fully control the way your ESSE 700 burns.

The primary air control gives you impressive flames, where the bottom secondary air control works like bellows to give your fire a serious boost when needed. The 700 is a multi-fuel stove which allows you to burn wood or briquettes. The grate and ash tray design makes cleaning a breeze. The unfussy door design plus legs inspired by the iconic ESSE Ironheart cook stove – combine to create a look that’s instantly recognisable as ESSE.

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