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Firehawk Kamado Ceramic Charcoal Grill 16"

Firehawk Kamado Ceramic Charcoal Grill 16"

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Your real food journey starts with Firehawk! From reverse seared steaks to low n slow briskets, enjoy fuss free wood fire grilling with Firehawk's kamado range in the comfort of your own backyard/patio. Produced using high quality ceramic, the kamado grills has excellent strength and heat resistance sealing in the organic flavours of foods and locking in moisture while reducing fuel consumption compared to traditional grills.

Features a cooking grid which can be positioned low on the fire bowl, or using the expander frame to position the grid higher above the cooking coals. The tripod cooking rack supports a heat deflector stone when used in conjunction with the cooking grid provides a cooking system that is great for deflecting heat for low & slow cooking. Otherwise, the deflector stone can be swapped out with the grill for an incredible sear, or used as a full moon pizza stone set low over the heat zone.

Ceramic provides one of the strongest forms of insulation, and the Firehawks UltraHeat Ceramic body ensures that almost all the Firehawk Kamado’s heat is captured and used to cook your food before exiting the grill. Firehawks UltraHeat Ceramic ensures the Firehawk Kamado range is not only capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, but more importantly ensures heat radiates very slowly, creating an incredibly stable temperature throughout the entire Firehawk cooking chamber, highly important for low’n’slow cooks.

The Firehawk Kamados Heat Lock Mesh Seal reduces moisture loss during a cook to ensure food is exposed to less dry, and moisture-absorbent air. This is a key and very important aspect of low and slow cooking. The Heat Lock Mesh Seal is built from a fibreglass mesh, making it durable and easy to clean.



16" - 40cm




Assembly Required


Dimensions: Depth 500 mm
Dimensions: Height 570 mm
Dimensions: Width 470 mm


5 Years on Ceramic Body, hood & firebox.
1 Year on all other parts


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