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Masport Rakaia

Masport Rakaia

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Rakaia - Freestanding ultra-low emissions (ULEB) wood fire on pedestal

Our tribute to Canterbury’s largest river, the Rakaia is our larger freestanding ULEB wood fire. Offering the latest in Catalytic Combustion technology, our Rakaia fireplace is leading a new generation of wood burners that produce longer-lasting heat with fewer emissions. The Rakaia meets New Zealand’s strictest emission standards, providing an eco-friendlier alternative to older wood fires. Ideal for medium to large homes, the Rakaia has been designed to deliver consistent warmth and extended burn times, while using less wood. Its built-in, easy-clean ash pan also makes cleaning the large capacity firebox quick and convenient.

  • Suitable for medium to large homes (3 to 4 bedrooms)
  • Ultra-low emission burner. Our cleanest burning range of fires with ultra-low emissions. Approved for all regions in NZ, including Canterbury (ECAN CM1 testing approved)
  • Built-in, easy-clean ash pan
  • 20 year replacement firebox guarantee

Key Technical Specifications

  • Space Heat Output Suitable for medium to large homes (3 to 4 bedrooms)

  • Air Quality Standards Approved for all regions in NZ, including entire Canterbury

  • Firebox Superior heat from a 6mm steel firebox

  • Baffle Long-lasting 6mm thick steel baffle

  • Cook Top Hard-wearing 8mm thick steel radiant cook top

  • Burn Time Overnight burn - provides heat through the night and allows for easy re-ignition in the morning

  • Extras Built-in, easy-clean ash pan

Ultra-Low Emission Burners

Over the last decade New Zealand has developed some of the strictest air quality regulations in the world. In keeping with these standards, Masport’s current wood fire ranges produce much cleaner heat than models manufactured in days gone by - but our Ultra Low Emission Burners (ULEBs) go a step further. A new generation of wood fire, Masport’s ULEBs have been specifically designed to further reduce small particulate emissions through the inclusion of a Catalytic Combustor. Masport is the only New Zealand manufacturer using this innovative technology, which provides stable, even heat that lasts overnight and also prolongs the life of your firebox. While some Council authorities have mandated ULEBs for their area, we believe all Kiwis should consider a ULEB for their home.

Quality steel construction

Masport wood fires are crafted in Aotearoa, using locally sourced, New Zealand made steel to guarantee the highest levels of workmanship and quality. Most of our wood burners use 6mm-8mm steel for fireboxes and cooktops, ensuring your fireplace will stand up to the hottest conditions, work more efficiently and last the distance.

Stovetop cooking

Masport radiant wood fires include a 6-8mm steel cooktop to also allow for cooking and warming. Using your wood burner to cook is fun, saves on electricity or gas use, and is a perfect option when there is a power cut. When cooking on your Masport wood fire, the area closest to the flue is the hottest and is ideal for boiling things like water, stews and porridges. By moving your pot further away from the flue, you can obtain a gentler heat that’s ideal for warming and simmering.

Sustainably fueled

Burning renewable wood is a carbon neutral exercise, with no more carbon dioxide (CO2) generated than if the log was left to decompose naturally. Wood is also a naturally renewable energy source and, when obtained from sustainable forestry sources, is a better environmental choice.

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