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Heating Marlborough and The BBQ Hub

Metro Ambie Plus NightView

Metro Ambie Plus NightView

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Award winning design with exceptional performance and style. From the initial spark ROBAX® NightView comes alive to transform the flame picture by softening the brightness and liveliness of the fire burning. When the appliance is not operating ROBAX® NightView obscures the view of the combustion chamber integrating perfectly into any environment thanks to its dark reflective surface. Finished in high temperature metallic black paint

Model Clean air approved
Peak output 18kW
Heating area 200m2 / 4 bedroom home
Finish Metallic black paint / High Gloss Enamel
Wetback Optional 3kW Wetback
MfE # 120835 (DRY) / 120836 (WET)
Emission 0.42gms (DRY) / 0.49gms (WET)
Efficiency 69% (DRY) / 67% (WET)



200-1950 - Ambie Plus - VE Black

200-1951 - Ambie Plus - Metallic Black HT

200-1956 - Ambie Plus - Wet Model - Metallic Black HT

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