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Nature's Flame Pellets 15kg

Nature's Flame Pellets 15kg

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While the world’s scientists TELL US we need to reduce our carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, at Nature's Flame, we’re actually DOING IT!

Wood pellet fuel from Nature's Flame is a premium heating fuel made from waste wood shavings, sawdust and off-cuts, sourced from New Zealand's extensive plantation forestry sector and the timber processing industry.  As the raw fibre (good old New Zealand white pine) is renewable, and can be sustainably grown, supply of wood pellet fuel is not susceptible to the same price and scarcity issues as traditional (fossil) heating fuels.

Nature's Flame wood pellets are essentially compressed sawdust parcels that are uniform in size and shape, and are held together with 100% naturally occurring lignin.


Untreated waste wood shavings, sawdust and off-cuts are transported from nearby sawmills and timber product manufacturers to our state-of-the-art (yeah, it’s really big and shiny) pellet plant in Taupo.  Once there this material is screened, ground, and dried, then pelletised by passing it through a die (much like an old fashioned mincer!) at high pressure, and this process releases naturally occurring lignin, which binds the pellets and gives them their shiny appearance.  No harmful glue or additives required!

Our wood pellets contain only 5-10% moisture which means they burn longer, hotter and more efficiently than firewood or wood chips which typically have a much higher moisture content (anywhere from 25-80%). 

Once the pellets have been formed and they have cooled, they are either packaged into 15kg bags for distribution to our retail network, or put into one tonne bags for bulk delivery to our commercial customers.  Some pellets are kept aside and loaded into our delivery trucks for transport to those schools and businesses that can receive their fuel ‘loose’.


Wood pellet fuel from Nature’s Flame is a truly renewable, truly sustainable, heating fuel that is affordable and available to every home, business, factory or ‘other’ establishment that needs to heat water or air.  Using our wood pellet fuel will reduce your carbon footprint, improve our environment, and most importantly, deliver you the heat you need, where and when you need it, for whatever you need it for, without fuss, mess, pollution or trouble.  We think the real question is, why aren’t you using wood pellet fuel already?!


Although it sounds like a new brand of dog food, DINplus is actually a global quality mark with intensely strict requirements set by DIN CERTCO.  The certification body was established in 2002 and DINplus has become the worldwide standard for premium quality wood pellet fuel.
Testing of the wood pellets is done by qualified specialists at DIN CERTCO’s laboratories to assess important characteristics such as moisture content, energy content, freedom from chemical contaminants, and the temperature at which ash-fusion occurs.  Less than optimal results in these areas can reduce the heat you get from your wood pellets, increase emissions to unacceptable levels, and compromise the performance of your pellet fire. 
So what does this mean for you?  Burning wood pellet fuel that isn’t DINplus certified can result in significant issues for your wood pellet fire, and your immediate environment.  Low quality pellet fuel can cause damaging build-up in your fire’s burnpot and flue, which could lead to chimney fires or blockages that cause smoke to enter your home.  Without reliable testing to ensure freedom from contaminants, low quality pellet fuel can produce poisonous emissions that are harmful to your health and the environment in general.  Finally, as wood pellet fires are sophisticated heating appliances with multiple moving parts, ensuring their performance is closely related to pellet fuel quality.  As a result, the use of low quality, non-approved pellet fuel can result in your pellet fire’s warranty being voided.
Certification by DIN CERTCO is a holistic process, encompassing all steps of the production chain.  So not only are DINplus wood pellets absolutely top quality, but the process of making them, from harvesting the raw material to the way they are packaged and delivered, are also assessed to ensure a premium quality product and experience for the end user.
Nature’s Flame is proud to be the only pellet producer in Australasia to hold the prestigious DINplus certification.  It gives us great confidence that we are providing our customers with the highest quality wood pellets in New Zealand, and that we are doing it in a sustainable, earth-friendly way.
So keep a lookout for the DINplus mark on Nature’s Flame wood pellet bags, and while our pellets keep your home warm this winter, the knowledge you are using the best quality fuel can keep you feeling warm inside too!

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