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NZWFCC The Nomad - Flatpack Portable Grill

NZWFCC The Nomad - Flatpack Portable Grill

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- Just seconds to slot together or pack down
- 4 levels designed to give you the ability to slow cook on the highest rack as well as searing on lower racks .
- Built in carry handle
- Flat pack design means it can be stored anywhere and a breeze to put on the boat or the boot of the car.
- NZ Made ❤️
-Suitable to be used with rotisserie’s like the EspetoSul NZ run it up height for 90% of the cook then lower for final sear.
- Santa Maria style height adjustment now without the price tag!
- Heavy Duty Mild Steel - Seasoning instructions supplied 

Care Instructions:

All mild steel Nomad come pre-treated with a protective layer of non toxic, rust preventive oil to limit corrosion. There are a few simple steps that you must take if you wish to preserve the original appearance .
After each use, clean all components of the Nomad using warm soapy water and allow them to dry . If a spot of rust appears, simply buff with a piece of steel wool or wire brush, wipe clean with a dry cloth. Apply a thin layer of Canola or similar food safe oil to all surfaces. Wipe down to remove any excess oil to provide a consistent finish over the area.
This process over time will season your Nomad in a similar way you would season cast iron cookware.


Your Nomad is small and does not need much wood to run efficiently. Limit how high you stack wood, the logs (splits) are do not need to be larger then larger than 5cm in circumference to provide sufficient cooking / ember heat. NZWFC will not be liable for any damage to your fire pit from incorrect use as the Steel plate may bend/warp if excessive timber is used.
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