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Oklahoma Joe Apple Wood Pellets

Oklahoma Joe Apple Wood Pellets

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Infuse your seafood, chicken, fruit and vegetables with the light, fruity smoke of Oklahoma Joe's Apple Wood Pellets. These ultra-premium pellets are 100% natural, hardwood, food-grade pellets. They're clean burning with low ash for easy clean-up and available in 20-pound (9kg) bags.


  • Apple wood pellets blended with oak for light, fruity smoke flavor
  • 100% all-natural hardwood with a clean burn and low ash for easy clean-up
  • Food-grade pellets to enhance the flavor of seafood, chicken, fruit, and vegetables
  • Combine with other flavors for your own custom blends
  • Keep pellets fresh, dry, and ready to use in the Oklahoma Joe's Pellet Bucket


Model Number: 2778407
Assembled Dimensions (mm): 53.5 x 10 x 32
Weight (kg): 9 (20 pounds)
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