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ProQ Premium BBQ Tongs

ProQ Premium BBQ Tongs

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ProQ BBQ Tongs are the perfect grilling tool! Our tongs are lightweight but capable, they can lift large cuts of meat including whole chickens!

The design is comfortable, practical and originates from a popular South African style of tong, with a few improvements.

The business end of these tongs is perfect for easily rolling and turning sausages with their serrated edges and you can even open a beer with the built-in bottle opener.

  • Sturdy and durable, these tongs are made from high quality materials (a mixture of Stainless Steel, powder coated steel and comfortable silicone).
  • The strong double lever design makes lifting even big joints of meat easy. Lift whole beef roasts, chickens and racks of ribs.
  • Adjustable handle system which can be easily customised to your hand, plus an ergonomic silicone grip for non-slip comfort.


  • Length: 430mm
  • Grab: 150mm
  • Materials: Powder coated steel, stainless steel & silicone



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