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Que-Tensils Charcoal Baskets Pair - GA

Que-Tensils Charcoal Baskets Pair - GA

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Easily control your temperature zones, and cooking areas with our GA Charcoal Baskets. 

Perfect for creating indirect heat when cooking, especially with a rotisserie to reduce fat flare ups with certain cuts of meat. Cooking zones can be easily and safely changed by simply sliding them on the charcoal grate to suit.

The coals are kept neatly inside the baskets, making it perfect for using either lump or briquette charcoal. They can also be used to set up mini charcoal snake arrangements for low and slow cooking.

These baskets are perfectly paired with our GA Royale Riser. As an example when using a rotisserie, have them run down the sides of the GA, leaving sufficient room for a drip pan in the middle of the charcoal grate. 


  • Come in pairs.
  • Easier and safer use for setting up and adjusting direct or indirect temperature zones.
  • Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Maximises the usable space in your GA.
  • Perfectly matched to use with our Royal Riser unit for rotisseries, smoking and grilling.
  • Pre-punched side and bottom vents for maximising airflow and coal management.
  • Simply place it on top of the proprietary bottom coal grate, adjust to suit your cooking zone and away you go.



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