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Que-Tensils Radiator Plate - GA

Que-Tensils Radiator Plate - GA

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Gain greater control of your temperatures, even heat distribution and increase your cooking area with our GA Radiator Plate. 

It can turn your GA into a miniature offset smoker and is perfectly paired with our Royale Riser, GA Charcoal Baskets or GA Adjustable Offset Plate. Great for larger cooks such as pork or lamb shoulders, ribs, beef cheeks or small briskets.

The GA Radiator Plate sits above the charcoal acting as a diffuser, helping to evenly distribute smoke & heat with its louvred vent design. This diffuser plate helps to maintain the airflow to the fuel and creates a barrier between the fuel and the food, for a larger indirect cooking zone.


  • Intended to be used with our GA Royale Riser only.
  • Fits Weber's Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill.
  • Allows for greater control of temperature & fuel consumption.
  • Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Maximises the usable space in your GA for low and slow use.
  • Make our Royal Riser unit an offset smoker, doubling your capacity.
  • Creates even indirect heating for cooking & smoking through louvred vents.
  • Perfectly paired with our GA Royale Riser, GA Charcoal Baskets or GA Adjustable Offset Plate.
  • This item is NOT intended to be used with a Rotisserie Basket.
  • This is NOT a replacement Flavorizer Bar for Weber Gas Go-Anywhere Grill.



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