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Rum and Que Dirty Bird - Nashville Fried Chicken Seasoning 150g

Rum and Que Dirty Bird - Nashville Fried Chicken Seasoning 150g

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The Nashville Dirty Bird. This one has got some kick! Just like the original Dirty Bird, it has those beautiful southern fried spices but we’ve given this one a bit of a bite. So if you like life a little spicier then our Nashville recipe is for you.


Spices and Spice Extract, Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Flavour Enhancer (621), Herbs.

Spicy. All Natural Ingredients. Gluten Free.


PREPARATION: Mix 1part Dirty Bird to 2 parts flour of your choice. E.g., 1 cup of Dirty Bird to 2 cups Flour. This packet will make a total of 450g of Chicken coating. Combine well in a bowl.

For added flavour and great texture, soak Chicken in buttermilk or pickle juice for at least 6 hours overnight then rinse and begin.

STANDARD DIRTY BIRD: Dip Chicken pieces in cold water then into the flour mix, making sure all of the Chicken is coated. Place on a rack for 10 minutes to allow coating to adhere properly to the Chicken.

CRUNCHY DIRTY BIRD: Beat an egg or two in a bowl, dip Chicken pieces into egg, then into the flour mix and place on a rack to allow coating to adhere. 

SUPER CRUNCHY DIRTY BIRD: Dip Chicken into egg, followed by flour mix. Using a water spray bottle, spray the coated chicken with a fine mist until moist then back into the flour mix for a final coating. Place on a rack to allow coating to adhere.

THEN: Preheat deep fryer to 180c

Place Chicken into deep fryer, avoid overcrowding to prevent Chicken pieces sticking together.

Deep fry until the internal temperature of the Chicken is 75c/165f.

Place Chicken on cooling rack. If frying in batches, preheat the oven to 80c and place Chicken in the oven to keep hot.

If frying Chicken weekly, make sure to walk to work rather than drive!

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