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Smokelis - Lid

Smokelis - Lid

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You don’t want to deal with ‘ash-soup’!

When you come to your Smokelis fire pit the next evening you are planning on sitting down with your family or having some guests in, and you pull the ash pan out to tip out and you notice runs of ash on your patio, and then you try tipping it out and it's all stuck…you have ‘ash-soup’. Would you like to be able to remove a dry ash pan, tip it out easily in less than a minute, and get your fire started for a fantastic evening under the stars, with guests, or just your loved ones, or maybe just alone? And all without the hassle of messy ash on the driveway or having to hose your ash pan out?

● Keep the rain out so you never have to come back to an ash soup when you want to light your fire again! You can simply lift the lid, take out the ash pan and empty it safely then get your fire going!

● Locating tabs so the lid lines up perfectly and stays on your fire pit. Visually pleasing and safe!

● Comes in sizes to fit either the Kindle or the Gather smokeless fire pits so there is an option for whichever fire pit you own

● Fully welded, heavy gauge sheet metal construction

● HW350 weathering steel to match the Corten finish which will be supplied in pre-weathered state so you get the awesome rustic beauty of weathering steel right off the truck, saving you waiting six months with a patchy, natural patina process. Matching your fire pit perfectly!

● 304 Stainless Steel to match the Staino or Stainless finishes in a matt finish to match your fire pit perfectly.

● Lifetime build quality guarantee which means your lid will last forever along with your epic Smokelis fire pit.


SKSL - Kindle - Stainless Steel 

SKCL - Kindle - Corten

SGSL - Gather - Stainless Steel

SGCL - Gather - Corten 

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