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Smokelis - Smash Ring

Smokelis - Smash Ring

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How you can take your evening under the stars to a new dimension! What’s better than a Smokelis fire pit? A Smokelis fire pit surrounded in fantastic grilled food - the Smash Ring griddle is your easy button to super-high heat searing and hot-plate cooking.

You have smokeless fire - harness that heat to grill a delicious steak, flip some patties and cook some corn on the cob! With the Smokelis Kindle or Gather and the Smash Ring griddle, you’ll be able to sit around and enjoy fire in the most social and intimate way with just your loved ones or a few friends, and have the Smash Ring heating up, ready for you to throw on some bacon, smash some patties, fry some onion and enjoy a delicious smash burger snack. You’ll be able to sear a perfect crust onto a delicious eye-fillet steak, move it to the Swing Over Grill to cook, and eat mouth-watering meals around your Smokelis fire pit. Prepare, cook and eat dinner under the stars, with your loved ones while enjoying smokeless wood burning fire - the real thing.

● 100% heavy gauge Carbon Steel construction means it will last forever (with proper seasoning) and being thick it will retain heat giving you a controllable consistent cooking surface with great heat distribution - So you can sear and sauté confidently and practise your true skill with no limitations. Just helps you make delicious food!

● Simple edge-lip to safely locate the ring onto the fire meaning you can apply pressure and work around on it without any concerns of it moving. Grill with confidence and efficiency!

● Large opening in the middle to ensure you can still manage the fire and keep the heat where you want it. Also allowing flame to pass up through the centre safely so you can grill and cook with enjoyment and certainty.

● Lofted design so juices run into the fire instead of out onto your patio or living area. This means the overflow juices and fat get burnt up and add flavour to the Smash Ring griddle and you don’t have to worry about mess and cleaning up your patio!

● Integrates perfectly with the Swing Over Grill. The Smash Ring has a cut out to receive the Swing Over Grill. This means you can have both at once to get loads of cooking space and have a few different surfaces to best suit the food you are grilling. Get a beautiful crispy seared crust on a steak and lock all the juices in on the Smash Ring before transferring to the swing over grill for a slow cook over the flame. Delicious crust and soft, tender and juicy inside. Perfect.

● Lifetime build quality guarantee. You can grill for decades and those who follow in your footsteps will too. There will never be any issues and if through some cosmic error there were, you’d have our guarantee to back you up! Risk-free grilling goodness!


170mm right around cooking area gives you plenty of room for a few large steaks on one side, some bell pepper on another, with some mushroom and garlic onion on the other!



215mm right-around cooking area at 800mm diameter gives you plenty of room for more than enough steaks on one side, some bell pepper on another, with some mushroom and garlic onion on the other to serve 10-15 guests at a time!




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