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Smokelis Stoke - Fire Poker

Smokelis Stoke - Fire Poker

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How you can manage your Smokelis fire pit to get the most out of your firewood and have the longest, hottest smokeless evenings possible - AND - easily lift out and empty your ash pan!

The Smokelis ‘Stoke’ is our own designed and made fire poker. The length is designed to be perfect for either the Smokelis ‘Kindle’ or the Smokelis ‘Gather’ and to hang easily on the side of the Wood Box. The hook on the end allows you to easily lift out and clean your ash pan on the ash pan tab making clean-up a breeze! This means you’ll enjoy longer, hotter fires and get the best efficiency and potential out of your firewood AND enjoy more fires when clean up and stoking is that easy!

More time with friends and family or maybe a crowd of guests, around the fire, enjoying maximum output and ambience, while you stay safe stoking and arranging the fire to create the best experience possible.

Does that sound like your perfect evening? If so - then the Smokelis ‘Stoke’ is a must have for your ideal outdoor living experience.

● Heavy 304 Stainless Steel means you’ll not have to worry about it bending with the heat and forces you put on it while stoking the fire. Just reliable and long lasting

● Specially designed hook for easy removal of the ash pan from either the Kindle or Gather smokeless fire pits. This means you’ll not want to put off emptying the ash pan and just enjoy more mesmerising smokeless fire!

● Perfect size hand grip makes it easy to hold onto and helps you arrange the fire quickly and efficiently reducing your time dealing with hot flames and sparks!

● Specifically designed length for Smokelis fires

● One-piece construction. Nothing to break or come loose - simplicity is sophistication.



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