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Smokelis - Swing Over Grill

Smokelis - Swing Over Grill

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You’ll be the life of the party and the source of all deliciousness when cooking over fire for a crowd of awe struck guests!

It’s time for you to unleash your entertaining potential and grill in a fashion unlike anyone else, and tastier than anything else you or your guests have ever experienced. A truly unique way to cook and a unique experience for your guests, with tons of heat, space and grilling possibilities to cook up a feast for your crowd. An amazing conversation starter and the results of your labours will be more than you expected with real control, quality and capacity that the Swing Over Grill provides for your Kindle or Gather smokeless fire pit.

Prepare, cook and eat dinner under the stars, with your loved ones while enjoying smokeless wood burning fire - the real thing.

● 100% heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel construction means it will last forever and being thick it will retain heat giving you a controllable consistent cooking surface - So you can grill confidently and practise your true skill with no limitations. Just helps you make delicious food!

● Locking screw to adjust height by more than 350mm above the top of the fire pit to get the perfect grilling temperature and flames licking the grill. This gives you maximum control over the cooking temp, flame grill, and the sear rate. Never ruin a beautiful cut of meat and only enjoy deliciousness, while loving the process!

● Simple clamp mechanism onto the rim of the fire pit makes for quick setup and removal. This means you’ll get grilling more often and enjoy your Smokelis fire pit and grilling with fire more than ever. No hold backs to grilling the perfect steak.

● Swing away means you can keep food warm just to the side of the fire without having it directly over the heat. Or load up the grill without burning your knuckles if that's an issue! Then just swing it over to get the heat! This means you’ll be able to enjoy amazing cooking versatility making it a pleasure to cook with.

● Integrates perfectly into the Smash Ring. The Smash Ring has a cut out to receive the Swing Over Grill. This means you can have both at once to get loads of cooking space and have a few different surfaces to best suit the food you are grilling. Get a beautiful crispy seared crust on a steak and lock all the juices in on the Smash Ring before transferring to the swing over grill for a slow cook over the flame. Delicious crust and soft, tender and juicy inside. Perfect.

● Lifetime build quality guarantee. You can grill for decades and those who follow in your footsteps will too. There will never be any issues and if through some cosmic error there were, you’d have our guarantee to back you up! Risk-free grilling goodness!


370mm Cooking Area gives you plenty of room for a few large steaks or 4 or 5 patties.



450mm Cooking Area gives you plenty of room for 4 large steaks or 10 or so patties.



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