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Smokelis Wood Box

Smokelis Wood Box

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All the firewood you need, dry, on hand, and easily accessible to fuel your Smokelis fire pit whenever you need it.

No more rushing off to your wood shed or garage to get another arm load or bucket load of firewood and return to the fire, missing out on conversation, making you get out of your chair and generally disturbing your evening! Plenty of wood for 5-7 good long evenings of smokeless fire right at hand so you hardly need to even get out of your chair to throw another log on the fire! You’ll spend the whole time with those you’ve chosen to have around the fire with you, have a place to sit your drink, and be preparing delicious cuts of meat on the stainless steel work surface and grilling them to perfection over your Smokelis fire on the Smash Ring or Swing Over Grill.

Does that sound like your perfect evening?

If so - then the Smokelis Wood Box is a must have for your ideal outdoor living experience.

● HW350 weathering steel (aka corten) body. Enduring beautiful rustic appearance. Will last a lifetime and is the perfect material to be holding a stack of firewood. You’ll never have to worry about it breaking or buckling under the load!

● Fully welded construction means you have no assembly to worry about and you can just load up with firewood knowing it can handle the load and more!

● Stainless steel food prep top surface so you can safely put food down, rest your chopping board and utensils without them getting rust or debris on them, and prep delicious meals. Also a great spot to pour and rest your drinks while you stand or sit around your smokeless fire. Get a couple! One for the bar and one for the drinks!

● Stainless steel tool hanger and seasoning holder. Also perfect for sweeteners, bitters, and hanging mixing tools for the perfect drinks bar. You can have this as the perfect sidekick to making a great evening by the fire, the best evenings around fire.

● Heavy duty stainless steel & urethane castors. All spinning with two locking. You can move the Wood Box freely even with a heavy load of timber, and smoothly (depending on ground surface). Great for making your outdoor entertaining area super-flexible for whatever activity and entertaining you may be doing that evening!

● Supplied in pre-weathered state so you get the awesome rustic beauty of weathering steel right off the truck, saving you waiting six months with a patchy, natural patina process.

● 910mm wide, 830mm high and 510mm deep. Gives you a great deal of space to work off and tons of firewood, two stacks deep, accessible from either side.

● Lifetime build quality guarantee means we make sure they are made to the highest standards so we can stand behind them to give you assurance you are buying only the best.



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