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Spicecraft - No Bagel, No Bagel Seasoning

Spicecraft - No Bagel, No Bagel Seasoning

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This really is something special

Everything but the bagel seasoning.........just got SO much better!

A delicate blend of seedy goodness, don't let the simplicity of this blend fool you, its subtle, its powerful, its comforting, its exciting, its just damn good! 

As an added bonus this has the lowest salt content of any of our blends. 

No recipes needed with this one - let your imagination go wild

  • Sprinkle over salads
  • Coating / breading  - on its own or with bread crumbs too
  • Season a roast meal
  • Toss over your stir fry
  • Top a baked potato
  • On avocado toast
  • Sprinkle on popcorn - with butter. Yumm
  • Bake on a bagel or bread
  • Top that Guac, or any dip
  • Perfect pie or pastry topping

The list is endless! 

We are having so much fun with this one. 

If you have already tried Trader Joes, Everything but the bagel, then you know how good this will be 'No Bagel, No Bagel' is Everything but the Bagel - the Kiwi way!

Blended by Spicecraft, in their own facility, from the highest quality local and imported ingredients.


Black sesame seeds, Horopito, Garlic, Onion, Poppy seeds, Sea salt, White sesame seeds

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