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Stef the Maori Pork Hunt 240g

Stef the Maori Pork Hunt 240g

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Yet another full flavoured taste bud puncher hailing from the far north of Aotearoa. This blend is the answer to perfecting your barbecued pork ribs and chicken wings. Although the flavour profile is aimed at white meats, throw it at anything you like because there are no rules. So say the boys!


Salt, Sugar, Dried Herbs, Dried Vegetables, Spices, Natural Smoke Flavour, Monosodium Glutamate and Rice Flour as an anticaking agent.

Contains Mustard may contain traces of Peanuts.

Turns out this product is gluten free and vegan friendly. Not that we intended for it to be that way but if that's what tickles your pickle then you can still rub one out with your carrot and beans.

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