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Trendz Outdoor - Twin Peak Fireplace

Trendz Outdoor - Twin Peak Fireplace

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As one of New Zealand's largest precast fireplaces, the Twin Peak is designed to make a statement in a class of its own. With a large space in mind, this fireplace is grand on an entirely new scale. The double chimney and revolutionary new firebox radiates heat while the wood-grain concrete finish oozes luxury and sophistication. The Twin Peak is the largest fireplace in our range and is guaranteed to warm and impress your guests with its cooking ability.


Grill everything from delicious appetisers to full-blown meals on the stainless steel grill that swings in and out of the fireplace for convenience. Easy to remove when not needed, this handy addition increases the functionality of your fireplace. Two different levels are available depending on what height you want to cook at.

The Twin Peak fireplace comes as a fully completed structure with a wood-grain concrete finish. This highly sort after architectural finish can complement many traditional and modern design styles.   

The Twin Peak fireplace comes with a Trendz TF1600 firebox. This has been designed to throw out enough heat to generously warm a large area that the Twin Peak fire would generally be installed in.


The Twin Peak is the perfect outdoor statement. This fireplace comes with an extensive array of premium accessories to take your outdoor area from great to grand. The features chosen for this fireplace were handpicked by some of New Zealand's leading architects to complement the rugged New Zealand landscape.


The cap on the chimney is stainless steel painted black to suit the flue. This helps arrest any sparks and prevent rain and debris from falling into the chimney, reducing maintenance and cleaning.


Dimensions - 3670h x 4150w x 1000d

Weight - 7000kg


  • Twin Peak shell - Bare wood-grain concrete finish
  • Firebox - TF1600 Trendz firebox
  • Flue - Twin matte black stainless steel flues with rain caps
  • Cooking grill - Stainless steel with the capability to swing in and out of the fireplace
  • Galvanised mesh door painted black to suit the firebox
  • Wood boxes
  • Hearth - Salt and pepper polish finish
  • Chimney Cap -  Stainless steel painted black to suit the flue
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