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Under the Hood + Fire to Fork - Charcoal Volcano

Under the Hood + Fire to Fork - Charcoal Volcano

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Get your charcoal barbecue CRANKING hot!

The Charcoal Volcano, brought to us by Fire to Fork, it is designed to boost your kettle temperature creating a vortex of heat and creating a convection heat that quickly makes your chicken wings crispy on the outside while retaining that moist chicken inside.


Base diameter: 30cm 

Height: 12cm

Top diameter: 20.5cm

The size and circular dynamics means you can stack in heaps of charcoal, whilst having maximum indirect zone for cooking. The funnel like shape works effectively to create very hot temperatures of 250C and over.  Light coals inside the volcano and wait until they appear white all over before cooking.

We recommend using lump charcoal for this. Best used in kettle style barbecues.

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