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Urban Lumberjack - Black Walnut

Urban Lumberjack - Black Walnut

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Black Walnut wood has a heavy, intense flavour. Picking up a chunk it looks and smells like coffee and dark chocolate. This wood is great for beef, pork and venison. Not recommended to use this with chicken as it may be overpowering.

When using it for longer cooks of five hours or more, use it with another flavour wood e.g. Pohutukawa or Oak.

For those of you that want to experiment, this black walnut is definitely the wood for you. It’s hard to get and will offer flavour profiles you or your mates have never tried. Mix, match and create.

This Black Walnut is from Kiwitahi in the Waikato. It’s important to note that this tree has never been sprayed or fumigated.

Best suited for:
Beef, Lamb, Game

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