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Urban Lumberjack - Feijoa

Urban Lumberjack - Feijoa

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Feijoas are native to Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina. They were brought to New Zealand in the 1920s where new varieties were developed. Named after the U.S. space program the “Apollo” and “Gemini” strain’s fruit resemble small green rockets. “Kakapo” and “Pounamu” are some other local examples, named for their shiny green skins. We export these all over the world. Interestingly, in California, they are known as “Pineapple Guava”.

As a smoking wood, Feijoa is very versatile. It’s a very light wood that produces mild smoke and delicate flavour. Given the amount of awesome smoking woods available in New Zealand, Feijoa hasn’t been explored much. If you’re a pioneer then definitely have a crack!

Batch #1 has been sourced from an old heirloom orchard in Matakana. These trees have had a great spray-free life and will now put a huge smile on your face when you smell them mixed with your food.

Best suited for:
Pork, Poultry, Seafood

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