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Heating Marlborough and The BBQ Hub

Wagener Butler Multi

Wagener Butler Multi

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Multi Fuel High Performance Hot Water Heater

Enjoy great Power Savings

Plus the added bonus of Room Heating and Cooking Surface (Removable top grill) 

Bulter Mult with Wetback 6kw fitted 

The Butler Multi with its patented "Lion" Wetback system is a very efficient Hot Water Heater that will supply the average household with all its hot water requirements, along with room heating. In addition, the cooking surface situated beneath the removable grill is perfect for winter soups and stews or just to keep the kettle boiling. The Butler Multi has an estimated 6kw Hot Water Output & 8kw Heat Output (depending on fuel type used) and can fit into tight areas.  

Please note: The 6kw wetback is designed to provide all of a households hot water requirements. If you intend on running the fire for extended periods every day for room heating as well then you may risk boiling the water in your cylinder if your hot water needs are exceeded. Damage caused by excessive boiling will not be covered by warranty. See 2kw option below.

Power Saving & Self Sufficiency

With an average households energy usage being around 50% for hot water heating alone you will find that the Butler Multi is a great power saver. When power cuts or shortages do occur you have the security of knowing that you can have a continuous supply of hot water as well as room heating, and a cooking surface.

Special 2kw Wetback fitted Model 

This option is for those households requiring more room heating and less hot water. It delivers an estimated 2kw of hotwater and 12kw of room heating.

Dry Model

The Butler Multi is available without a wetback as a 14kw Dry Model. It is particularly suited to those with a small home or granny flat who enjoy the modern compact design of the Butler Multi.


  • Modern clean burning technology
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Very efficient hot water heating
  • Removable "Lion" Wetback
  • Cooking surface beneath a removable grill
  • Solid steel construction
  • Large Ash Pan
  • Deep brick lined fire box with grate
  • Removable baffle for easy cleaning
  • Simple finger tip Air control
  • Available in Metallic Black
  • 2 base heights (770mm or 910mm)
  • Multi Fuel (wood & coal)

Butler Multi Dimensions

Height - 2 options 770mm or 910mm
Depth 600mm
Width  320mm
Flue Size  150mm
Room Heating 8kw
Hot Water Heating 6kw
Wetback Pipe Heights  
770mm Model - Cold Pipe 585mm
Hot Pipe 660mm
910mm Model - Cold Pipe 725mm
Hot Pipe 800mm
Requires Ash Hearth only  
Special 2kw Wetback Model  
Room Heating 12kw
Hot Water Heating   2kw
Dry Model Available  
Room Heating  14kw
All options require Ash Hearth only  


The Butler Multi is New Zealand designed and handcrafted using only the best quality materials with a special Hi Temperature paint finish.


The Butler Multi's firebox is covered by a 5 year warranty. (Please refer to our Installation and Operating Instructions for full details).


mbut11770wet6 - Wagener Metallic Black Multi-Fuel Butler Stove 770H - 6kw Wetback Fitted 

mbut1190wet6 - Wagener Metallic Black Multi-Fuel Butler Stove 910H - 6kw Wetback Fitted

mbut11770wet2 - Wagener Metallic Black Multi-Fuel Butler Stove 770H - 2kw Wetback Fitted

mbut11910wet2 - Wagener Metallic Black Multi-Fuel Butler Stove 910H - 2kw Wetback Fitted

mbut11770dry - Wagener 14kw Metallic Black Multi-Fuel Butler Stove 770H 

mbut11910dry - Wagener 14kw Metallic Black Multi-Fuel Butler Stove 910H

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