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Wagener Fairburn

Wagener Fairburn

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Traditional Style Slow Combustion Woodrange


Treat yourself to delicious Home Cooking, generous supplies of Hot Water and Winter Warmth with a Slow Combustion Solid Fuel Cooker by Wagener

The Wagener Fairburn gives you a quality, New Zealand handcrafted woodrange at a very affordable price along with the bonus of self-sufficiency through winter power cuts plus huge savings on your power bills.

Hot Water Heating - "Lion" Wet Backs

Fitted with a "Lion" Wet Back the Wagener Fairburn is a very efficient hot water heater. "Lion" Wet Backs are designed and manufactured by Wagener Stoves and are the choice of leading New Zealand Stove Manufacturers. This proven patented system is available in a choice of sizes to suit all household hot water requirements.

Please note that a 5.5kw steel boiler will require a rust inhibitor in the water. Therefore, unlike wet back systems, indirect heating for domestic  hot water will need to be provided. PLEASE consult with your Plumber/Installer or Wagener Stoves if you require further advice in this area.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Attractive Traditional Design
  • Deep brick lined firebox
  • Glass in Firebox Door & Oven
  • Large Cooktop surface
  • Full size oven
  • Oven Temperature Indictator
  • Available on Legs or Drawer Base
  • High Temp Paint Finish
  • Simple controls
  • Efficient long burn
  • Multi-fuel capable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Optional "Lion" Wetback 3 sizes for Hot Water
  • Optional Splashback with optional Plate Rack
  • Optional Hotplate Covers

Wagener Fairburn Dimensions

Height - Floor to Upstand Top 1450mm 
Height - Floor to Cooking Surface 915mm 
Depth: Top Surface   530mm
Depth: Front Ashlip to Back Panel  650mm
Width: 905mm
Flue Size: 150mm
Oven Internal:
- Width
- Height
- Depth

Oven Wire Racks - 4 heights
Firebox Internal: 
- Width
- Height
- Depth

Wetback (rear outlet)  - 
Estimate on Hardwoods  
Estimate on Softwoods
NB: Single and Double Side Outlet wetbacks now available
Estimated Heat Output 16kw
Weight (est.) 300kg
Floor Protector (Ash Hearth): Shall extend under appliance and forward of the fire box opening 300mm, and extend 200mm to the side of the firebox opening (ie. 120mm from side of end panel).


Wagener slow combustion woodburning cookers with their modern burning technology are designed to be clean burning, energy efficient and gentle on the environment. They are fuelled by wood which is a renewable resource and when burnt correctly releases no more carbon dioxide than wood decomposing on the forest floor.


Dry, seasoned wood should be used to fuel your Wagener Fairburn and with seasoned hard woods long burn times are achievable. The Wagener Fairburn is multi fuel capable.


The Wagener Fairburn is New Zealand designed and handcrafted using only the best quality materials.


The Wagener Fairburn is covered by a 5 year warranty. (Please refer to our Installation and Operating Instructions for full details).


FBB11 - Fairburn Metallic Black Multi-Fuel on Legs

FBBCUT - Fairburn Legs Shortened to Customer Requirements

FBB11IB - Fairburn 615mm High Metallic Black Multi-Fuel - No Legs

FBB11WARM - Fairburn Metallic Black Multi-Fuel - Drawer Base

FBPAINTCAC - Fairburn Chassis, Firebox Door + Air Control Painted in Colour

FBPAINTPD - Fairburn L+R Side Panels, Firebox Door + Oven Door Painted in Colour

FBPAINTAL - Fairburn Ash Lip Painted in Colour

732 - Upstand / Splashback

758 - Plate Rack

FBHPCL - Metallic Black Hot Plate Cover (Left)

FBHPCR - Metallic Black Hot Plate Cover (Right)

9673 - Fairburn Replacement Drawer Base 

W69S - Fairburn 2kw - 2.5kw Wetback - Rear Exit

W94S - Fairburn 2kw - 2.5kw Wetback - Side Entry - Factory Fitted Only

W71S - Fairburn 3.5kw - 4.5kw Wetback - Rear Exit

W96S - Fairburn 3.5kw - 4.5kw Wetback - Side Entry - Factory Fitted Only

W89S - Fairburn 5.5kw Indirect System Requiring Robust Inhibitor - Rear Exit

FBBFLUKT48STD - Fairburn Flue Kit 4.8m Standard - Inland

FBBFLUKT48COAST - Fairburn Flue Kit 4.8m Standard - Coastal

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