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Wagener Sparky

Wagener Sparky

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Sparky CA is sister to Sparky Multi and big brother Leon.

She’s sweet and petite and proudly clean air approved - ECAN AUTHORISATION NUMBER: 194116 

Sparky CA was conceived to meet the urban demand for a compact, good looking wee fire in locations where brother Sparky Multi is not permitted. She is super clean burning with emissions of just 0.55g/kg and a well rated 68% efficiency.

Sparky CA has streamlined panels incorporating a fixed log base and a stove top cooking surface which can be fitted with optional top rails. Pop a kettle on top for a nice cuppa and let her simmer away sweetly to warm your day. Like any little girl she loves to dress up so customised coloured panels are available to suit your decor and she even has her own purpose designed and tested petite flue system.

This little girl will keep you toasty warm & cosy while looking super smart. 

She now also has a twin sister Sparky RU (Rural woodburner model for that extra turn down but not clean air approved so must be fitted onto properties over 2 hectares or more)


  • Clean Air Approved
  • Solid 5mm steel construction
  • Brick lined firebox
  • Removable baffles for easy cleaning
  • Ash hearth floor protector
  • Cooking surface
  • Optional top rails
  • High temp paint finish
  • Log base wood storage
  • Colour options

Wagener Sparky CA & RU Dimensions

Height to stove top 797mm
Height with rear screen 865mm
Width 370mm
Depth stove only 460mm
Depth door to screen 485mm
Depth at ashlip to screen 540mm
Flue size 100mm
Room heat 7kw
Wetback NO
Floor protector - see installation guide below



Sparky is New Zealand designed and handcrafted by Wagener Stoves using only the best quality materials with a special Hi Temperature paint finish.


Sparkys firebox is covered by a 5 year warranty. (Please refer to our Installation and Operating Instructions for full details).


sparkyca - Wagener Sparky Clean Air Wood Burner 7kw Metallic Black

sparkyru - Wagener Sparky Rural Wood Burner 7kw Metallic Black

sparkycapaintpsr - Wagener Sparky Panels - Shimmering Rose

sparkycapaintpmb - Wagener Sparky Panels - Metallic Blue

sparkycapaintpsb - Wagener Sparky Panels - Sky Blue

sparkycapaintpg - Wagener Sparky Panels - Metallic Moss Green

sparkyruwet - Sparky Rural Water Booster 1kw (Max 135L Cylinder)

treads - Small Treadle Wall Hearth 700mm x 1000mm 

sparkycafluktstd - Sparky Slimline 4.2mm Flue Kit with Slim 1000mm Flue Sheild (Inland)

sparkycaflucoast - Sparky Slimline 4.2mm Flue Kit with Slim 1000mm Flue Sheild (Coastal)

 sparkyflashkit - Sparky MF / CA / RU Flashing Kit (Small Dektite/Silicone/Tek Screws)


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