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Wagener Sparky Multifuel

Wagener Sparky Multifuel

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Let Sparky Brighten Your Day

A decade ago a conversation was had in Blenheim about a search for a small wood burning stove to suit a mobile home. Many discussions and much research later the Wagener Stoves team saw a gap in the market for a good looking, compact wee fire and in January 2012 Sparky was born.

Sparky has since won hearts all over the country and can be found in many diverse situations and locations from holiday homes to mobile homes, tiny houses to rural cottages and even modern new builds. Across the entire country from hunting huts in Stewart Island to  modern new builds in the very Far North and even on boats it seems everyone loves Sparky.

Sparky is a little bit of fun ……. Why not let him brighten your day.  We can get the paint set out and add a dash of colour here and there. Think Log box bases, side panels, air controls and heat shield collars in stunning shimmering rose, marine look metallic blue, sky blue or environmental moss green metallic.

Heat Output

Sparky generates a cosy 7kws (estimated) heat output. A “Lion” wet back can be fitted to heat your hot water.


  • Modern clean burning technology
  • Solid 5mm steel construction
  • Brick lined firebox
  • Removable baffle for easy cleaning
  • Optional "Lion" Wetback for hot water
  • Top and Rear flue outlet
  • Cooking surface
  • Multi fuel (Wood or Coal)
  • Ashpan and grate
  • Metallic Black High Temp paint finish
  • Optional log box base
  • Optional Slimline Flue Kit

Wagener Sparky Dimensions

Height 505mm
Height with Log Box base 795mm
Width at cooking surface 350mm
Width at legs 310mm
Depth at base 400mm
Depth at ashlip to screen 490mm
Flue size 100mm
Room heat 7kw
Cold pipe on legs
on base
Hot pipe on legs
on base

Floor protector - see installation guide below


Sparky is New Zealand designed and handcrafted by Wagener Stoves using only the best quality materials sourced locally with a special Hi Temperature paint finish done in-house. Every Wagener Stove is quality control checked before leave to its new home.


Sparkys firebox is covered by a 5 year warranty. (Please refer to our Installation and Operating Instructions for full details).


sparky - Wagener Sparky Multi-Fuel Firebox Top Exit Flue 

sparkyrear - Wagener Sparky Multi-Fuel Firebox Rear Exit Flue

sparkybase - Wagener Sparky Multi-Fuel Log Box - Metallic Black

sparkytoprail - Sparky Top Rails

sparkypaintpsr - Sparky Multi-Fuel Panels - Shimmering Rose

sparkypaintpmb - Sparky Multi-Fuel Panels - Metallic Blue

sparkypaintpsb - Sparky Multi-Fuel Panels - Sky Blue

sparkypaintpg - Sparky Multi-Fuel Panels - Metallic Moss Green

sparkypaintcsr - Sparky Multi-Fuel Chassis - Shimmering Rose

sparkypaintcmb - Sparky Multi-Fuel Chassis - Metallic Blue

sparkypaintcsb - Sparky Multi-Fuel Chassis - Sky Blue

sparkypaintcg - Sparky Multi-Fuel Chassis - Metallic Moss Green

sparkypaintbsr - Sparky Multi-Fuel Log Base - Shimmering Rose

sparkypaintbmb - Sparky Multi-Fuel Log Base - Metallic Blue 

sparkypaintbsb - Sparky Multi-Fuel Log Base - Sky Blue

sparkypaintlbg - Sparky Multi-Fuel Log Base - Metallic Moss Green

sparkywet - Sparky Multi-Fuel Wetback 1 - 1.2kw

fitting - Factory Fitting of Wetback

sparkytread - Treadle Wall Hearth 610mm x 800mm - Suits Sparky Multi-Fuel with Log Box Base

sparkytreadlegs - Treadle Wall Hearth - Suits Sparky Multi-Fuel Legs Only

sparkylegpro - Treadle Wall Hearth - Suits Legs Only and Promina 12mm

sparkytreadcnr - Treadle Corner Hearth 1100mm x 1100mm

sparkyflukstd - Sparky Multi-Fuel Slim Flue Kit with Slim 1200mm Flue Sheild (Inland)

sparkyflucoast - Sparky Multi-Fuel Slim Flue Kit with 1200mm Flue Sheild (Coastal)

sparkyflashkit - Sparky MF / CA / RU Flashing Kit (Small Dektite/Silicone/Tek Screws)

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