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Heating Marlborough and The BBQ Hub

Yunca Olli Wood Burner

Yunca Olli Wood Burner

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Beautifully designed, excellent clean air rating, and the ability to effortlessly heat up to 250m², the ALL NEW OLLI is certainly going to deliver.


With the latest in wood burning technology the Olli uses its heat exchanger and fan to ensure heat is spread throughout your home in the fastest way possible. The Olli will heat homes up to 250m2 with ease and its recommended to be used alongside a heat transfer kit for a complete home heating solution.

The external intake directly feeds fresh air into the firebox to ensure the Olli burns beautifully even in airtight well insulated homes.

The drop down door with wide panoramic glass delivers a spectacular modern feature in your home that will make a real statement.


People who live in cooler climates and homes with large rooms or poor insulation will appreciate the heat that Olli provides.

The all new Olli is also expected to be a hit with new home builds with large open plan living spaces. The Olli will also be suited to commercial businesses including boutique hotels, cafés and restaurants.


Heat Output: Heats up to 250m2
Emissions: MFE approved Clean Air 1.1g/kg
Efficiencies: 75% and greater Based on NET calorific value of tested wood.
Rural: Yes
Wetback: No

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