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Ziegler & Brown Reversible Small Hotplate - Triple Grill

Ziegler & Brown Reversible Small Hotplate - Triple Grill

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This reversible side hotplate has been designed specifically to suit the Triple Grill to expand your barbeque's cooking versatility.


Made specifically for the Ziegler & Brown Triple Grill, this cast iron side hotplate is an optional accessory that is well worth including in your inventory of Big Ziggy add-ons.
  • Simply replace one of the side cooking grills with this reversible hotplate and get cooking. Non-stick and rust protected, the hotplate fits over either one of the side burners. You can use the smooth side for an order of bacon and eggs, or the ribbed griddle side for sausages and chops.
  • For extra hotplate barbequing, you can add up to two hotplates at the same time.  Either replace both side grills, or the centre grill plus one side grill, with the optional hotplates.
  • Cast iron - Heats up quickly and stays hot
  • Dishwasher safe


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