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Ziegler & Brown Stainless Steel Flexible Skewers

Ziegler & Brown Stainless Steel Flexible Skewers

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These cleverly designed high capacity skewers are flexible, meaning you can cook more while using less grill space.


These high-quality and uniquely designed Flexible Grilling Skewers, by Ziegler & Brown, can be used in any size BBQ or even your indoor kitchen.
  • The clever flexible 'cable style skewer' design can be folded to fit a smaller grill surface - ideal for all Ziggy sizes - and will create perfect shish kebabs or souvlaki 'with a twist'.
  • Available in packs of two (2) and manufactured from stainless steel, each skewer measures 73cm in length.  Simply wash and dry by hand after each use to keep your Flexible Skewers looking great.


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